Headless vs. Hybrid — Choosing an Enterprise CMS System

Albin Issac
12 min readFeb 25, 2022

Headless vs. Hybrid— this is one of the most critical questions raised when organizations identify a new Web Content Management platform for their organization. The answer to this question is not simple and based on the business needs and other factors like current platform, resource skill, etc. In this post, I am talking about choosing the enterprise CMS system Headless vs. Hybrid based on my understanding; the process will vary based on your needs and current state( Happy to receive feedback ).

Let us quickly see some of CMS architecture patterns.

Traditional(Coupled) CMS architecture:

A Traditional/Coupled CMS knits the front end and the back end layers into a single stack.

  • also known as monolithic architecture
  • the tight connection between the back end and the front end layers
  • Managed through a single platform
  • Back end + front end(in the same system)
  • WYSIWYG editors and templates — content authors can quickly create the content/pages.
  • Example — WordPress Traditional CMS

Typical Headless architecture:



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